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Suitability: Any blogger can join the program.
Referral commission: Rs. 10 to 25 per free profile. Revenue share of up to 40% for paid profiles.
Minimum payout: Rs. 990/- for Indian affiliates and Rs. 5000/- for foreign affiliates
Payment modes: Cheque for Indians and PayPal for foreign affiliates.

Flipkart is not now new for the Indian as they have seen it on the TV commercials.
This is another great upcoming website for the Indians. The rates and the items they deliver are fabulous. Affiliates can get up to 6% commission on the items.  They have different criteria for each type of commission.
So choose your items according to your blog.

Few Alternatives of Google AdSense!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yahoo Publisher: First One, if you live in America, yahoo publisher network (YPN) is your best alternative to AdSense.

Chitika: This is one of the best ads network for anyone in the world but have some adequate your traffic to your blog.

Clicksor: It is also one of the best alternative to Ad-sense. Inline text banner ads on your website/blog.

Adbrite: This is fourth alternative (or 3rd, if you live outside USA). Please note, you may see very little earnings for first 20 days (or even a month) as they collect your website/blog statistics.

Bidvertiser: This option is advertising on your site/blog is a good situation.You can withdraw your earnings even $10 form it.

Best PTC site!!!!!!

Its a Free Service by  Paypal when you star earning you have to have a way to receive..........
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Initially you will receive little bit less money to click on PTC link but as your logins increases, your PTC link value and links quantity will also increase...its one of the Good site.......:)
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Really Awesome Opportunity to earn  up-to 20,000  Rupees or $400 (fully legal) after a month in initial stage and increase with the time and efforts.

Any One In the World can join the program in its own country but he/she must bee having - residential proof with photo ID/voter card and PAN card or tax no. in his/her country.

Life Time Investment cost = ZERO

I always encourage people to give some time in these things rather than wasting time in other helps in long term. Where Investment cost is Zero.

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Don't Read SMSs/E-mails if you don't get Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't Read SMSs and E-mails if you don't get Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If you fed-up with reading SMSs/E-mails from marketing companies, this is the opportunity for you....
Just make interesting your SMSs/E-mails reading.....First, register your mobile with DND(Do Not Disturb) I know you already registered with that service.....if I'm not wrong, but if you didn't register - you can or not it depends on you only...In my opinion you should because the reason is, you are wasting time but you didn't get something, Second-   change the settings of E-mail account and remove all interest area of getting free promotional  E-mails.
After should register your mobile no. with the and for E-mail no joining cost or any other payment is required....
Now the companies pay you to read their marketing SMSs/E-mails and have fun and earn something... (For Indians & NRIs)

now enjoying E-mail reading and your Youmint account will credit with some money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Indians)

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Best PTC site.......FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the only ptc advertising that pays $0.01 per ads. Not only that, without any investment everyone can join, it''s te Best PTC website...just try once you will like it. ....(Best one to join.........:) No Minimum Payout

Top site where you can get your own website free!!!!!!!!!

1. : You can create a flash website with drag and drop support.
2. : Give you full free website with 300 mb web space.
3. : Best to create a professional website.
4. Allow you to create free social network website.
5. Allow you to free hosting and free website creator.