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“This Blog is Useful for those people, whom want to earn some extra money by giving less time to Internet”

Yes this is true you can earn some extra money by giving your some time to internet.

How To Make Money Online With Zero Investment or Make Money Online Without Any Investment.

I am happy to share with you 10 important ways to earn money on Internet.

First Way to Make Money - Sharing Files
Second Way - Paid To click
Third Way - Complete Offers 
Fourth Way - Forum Discussion 
Fifth Way - Paid To Review
Sixth Way - Paid To Survey
Seventh Way - Receiving SMS on your Mobile
Eighth Way - Traffic Exchange
Ninth Way - Sharing Links 
Tenth Way - Via a Blog/Website

I will use this word ‘INTERNET’ many more times because it changed my life and my earnings also.

Now Once again welcome you In the World of Internet where you can do infinite jobs those can increase your earnings as well as your life style.
Everyone loves to Make Money Online without any Investment, without Skills, without Risk and without Experience and with Less Consumption of Time. My blog will teach you 10 different and most suitable ways to Make Money Online without any Investment. "Use these strategy which works on a common factor on all the different ways provided and will boost your income.

First ask yourself that it is possible to make huge money on internet without any investment, your answer will be BIG NO!!!
But we will talk about only possible things on internet, you can make good amount of money here. No Doubt…J

There are a lots of way on internet Earn money with some investment like; Stock Exchange;
Commodity Exchange;
FOREX; ect ect.
But to here you have to have good experience but the way I teach you, you don’t need any past experience or money to invest..but one thing you have to have is average understanding of English language.

Enough about the all now we start some important discussion.

The important Thing How will you receive payment, First and for most important.
There are three ways to receive money:
2)   Paypal
(Both ways are internet banking you can shop online and pay for the things.)
3)   International/National Bank Cheque.

First Way to Make Money - Sharing Files 
Now before letting you to get bored anymore, let me tell you straight- the first and the simplest way to make money online without spending a dime for free. Is Sharing Files Online, Sharing means you will upload a file on this website and whenever someone downloads it you will be paid cash for each and every download. Registration don't cost a penny from your pocket, you can upload unlimited number of files of any size, in any format, which can be downloaded for unlimited number of times.

Now just think in my way. There are many people on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Orkut who request new mp3s, videos, films, games, software and many other kind of files every day and many people provide them the download links. You can also give them the download link but this time you will earn money for every download.
I remember a day few months ago when I gave a download link of an report document file to someone who asked a question at Yahoo! answer that where to download this report for free and till today I am earning from that link.

You will confuse how? The reason is that many people search many things daily on Google and Yahoo, and that Question where I posted my Answer with my link comes on the result page, so I got many downloaders daily who download my file. That's the power of Yahoo! Answer. So it is another good place where you can find many downloaders. I think this is the simplest way to make money online without any investment that's why I keep it under "first way".

Second Way - Paid To click (PTC) 
Highly Recommended Job
I personally recommend you to join around 8-10 paid to click websites. For the reason, unlike any other jobs explained on this website, paid to click is the simplest job where you can click and minimize the window, without any interventions to your other work and without any presence of mind, I mean without any focus and with zero skills. This makes PTC program to be the most adaptable with other jobs; you can choose any other potential ways of making money online explained on this website, focus on them freely and can keep paid to click program as a subsidiary or secondary source of income.

Suppose you join 10 PTC websites and click 50 adverts daily worth ì .50 to ì 5  on each or $.05 to $.20, so your daily income on an average ì 25-50 or $.50-$1 and monthly around ì2000 or $20 will be which is overall a good amount and can help you when you become ready to invest your earning as explained on “Investment page”. So do join up to the limit which suits your personality and routine most.
I provide you paid to click websites links (I will send you link on your email…now you think why I will do that because it also increase my network and earnings…so it’s a team work which increase our earnings…so please leave your email at my personal message) 

The scam or fraud PTC website owners will never waste their money in purchasing such costly add-ons for their websites. I myself analyze and test all the websites, so no matters of trust and fraud remains. Also I recommend you to read this “ Beware of Scams- How to Track and Identify fraud Websites”. Please don’t skip to read it because 98% of paid to click websites are scam and they have a short life-cycle. If I find more such honest and secure websites I will tell you, so always check back this website.

Third Way - Complete Offers 
Now the third way of earning currency online with zero speculation or outlay is by Completing Offers. This offer can be a Download of a Toolbar or a Game or other Software, it can be a Signup or Registration on a particular website. The offer can even be a Paid Survey. So basically offers are of three type’s Signups, Survey or Download.
Every time you complete an offer you will be paid money for that. The cash you can earn per offer may be vary minimum but good to increase your earnings. I recommend you this online job because it’s very easy to earn cash via this way and the earning potential is more on this website.

Fourth Way - Forum Discussion 
The fourth way is a very potential way of making wealth on the internet without any expense or without any investment. In this way we make money by taking participation in Forum Discussion. The marvelous part of the fourth way is that it has no per day restriction or limit on earning cash. The more you discuss is more you make money and because of this some of my earnings comes from it. So learn it carefully if you want to become as rich as me. There are many categories (or field of interests) on which you can discuss like music and movies, skin care and health, food and beverages, education, sports and gamming, housing and shopping, hobbies and life style etc. So you will find many topics on which you can easily write and can share your thinking and feelings.

Fifth Way - Paid To Review 
Another way of making currency online with no asset, rate or price is Paid To Review which I placed under fifth way to earn cash. As from the name itself you can understand that in this way you will be paid for writing reviews. You can write review on many things like for a product, for an organization or for a service. The rate per review may differ according to the product which you are reviewing. There are always a plenty of products and services available to write review on the below website, so you will always be busy with them. The more quality reviews you write on products or services (and if more readers like it) the more you will be paid. One important thing which you should know about the below website is that it is powered by Microsoft Bing, so there is no doubt about the legitimacy of this website.

Sixth Way - Paid To Survey
Now the sixth way of making capital online with zero investment is the most famous known way that is Paid Survey. Everyone who wants to make funds on the internet knows about survey. It is the first answer which someone will give if we ask him which is the possible way to earn money on World Wide Web. But the popularity of this business attracts more frauds people who make many scam websites where people desperate to make money waste their time and earn nothing else then aggravation. That is why most of you people afraid to join survey site. So I research on internet for are the most genuine and trusty site. Process for me was like searching a pin on the sea shore. But finally I did it and found two honest sites which are given below. Join them to make cash online with zero investment in way of paid survey.

Seventh Way– Receiving SMS on your Mobile

Amazed to see that you can also earn to read SMS on your phone but this is true,
Now everyone register his/her phone with his network under “do not disturb”
So most of the companies pay for that once you register your phone these types of sites you start earning for each and every SMS you will receive minimum 10 SMS from one site for every SMS you get .50 paisa, it’s not a big amount as compare to others but definitely finance your phone bill.
Some of the sites only give you mobile recharge not the cash these sites are also good.
 (I will send you good links just leave your Email in personal message.)

Eighth way - Traffic Exchange 
I hope you know that but never the less I have to tell….J
The eight way of making wealth online with no required money or with no investment is the Traffic Exchange. It may be very familiar to you if you are new to online earning world. In traffic exchange we visit other’s website and earn money and credits. A window will open containing a time counter on the top with a website in it and this time counter lasts for few seconds. It’s similar to PTC site’s time counter explained in second way to make money. When time counter reaches zero then another website opens in that same window. And for visiting each website we earn credits.
You can also use these credits at PTP sites or Paid To Promote websites.

Ninth Way - Sharing Links 
In this online world everyone share links. We send links of funny videos or images to our friends by forwarding or composing an email, or while chatting at chat rooms, or at social networking sites like Orkut or FaceBook or Twitter. It’s the normal thing which we all do daily. Why don’t make money doing so?
The way of making money online without any investment, you will earn cash for simply Sharing Links. You can share any kind of links like of a website link or celebrity’s blog link, or video or an image link, an mp3 link, an informative article link, or even a download file link. But to make money by sharing those links you need to MONETIZE them first or better say you need to make them a PAID LINK. You have to use the below websites to make the normal link a Paid Link.
It’s very easy to convert a normal link into a paid link. First of all register on the website. After login there click on “create links” from the menu bar. It will then ask you for the link which you want to convert into a paid link. Copy your normal link and paste there, for example if you wants to make a paid link of a YouTube video then copy the link which appears in the address bar of that video window and paste it there to convert it.

Tenth Way - Via a Blog/Website
This is most familiar thing to you, you are doing right know…. J
But that my responsibility to write about that in the my blog….otherwise people will say he doesn’t know about that….and I don’t want to listen this thing….but I will appreciate your words if you say I know this thing.
The last way of creating funds online without any capital or investment you don’t need to register on other’s website and do their job. This time you will build your own website or a blog and will earn money through it. Believe it or not, it’s the most potential way to earn a sustainable passive income through internet and it doesn’t take many resources to get the results. Just remember; the one and only thing you need to get success in this field is your own CREATIVITY.
First of all let me tell you that it’s a very long project because it will take time and patient to reach your goal and also you need to learn few things to build a website. In short it’s a kind of skillful job.
And I know that you are doing right know….Wish You Luck.

I will definitely help you to start earning in different ways but for that keep in touch through INTERNET (I love this word and its world.)

If you want links or any other information related finance you can mail me…..I used the word finance because my major study in my graduation and post-graduation is Finance….but I’m earning money from Internet.

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